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Franchise business plan

The main purpose of incorporating simple red pots into cafes is the trend of the world's cafe market. In the future, the cafe market will be transformed into a comprehensive restaurant that can solve both coffee and meals for busy modern people, not just a secondary restaurant serving coffee and desserts. Therefore, it is important to lead and operate these changes.

The inclusion of healthy meals adds additional benefits to sales of only traditional coffee and simple desserts. You can experience increased sales through more efficient operations than coffee-based operations.

Red pots are designed for customers who prefer short waiting times. It helps to provide a better environment to suit the characteristics of the cafe where you can't cook..

Success points

  • Minimize investment and operating costs
  • High margin ratio compared to cost
  • Maximize profitability by differentiating from existing cafes.
  • Reduce inventory burden by providing customized food materials
  • Exclusive item 'Red Pot' that can only be operated by headquarters The cafe's magic red pot is responsible for sales.

Tretti Partner Targets

  • Who wants to start a small business?
  • Who wants to renew with a small investment?
  • Who wants a fixed monthly income due to the minimum labor cost?